Additional Services

Lactation Counseling

Lactation Counseling The first few weeks of breastfeeding can sometimes be challenging. Most problems are fixable if intervened early on. Get the support you need for a long, and successful breastfeeding relationship with your baby. In-home consultations are available. 

Baby Massage Class

Our Baby Massage class provides countless benefits for both parents and baby. Parents find that the class keeps them mainstreamed during the turbulent adjustment period. They are able to meet other new parents and discuss the many different topics of parenting. Sharing thoughts and revelations with other new parents will help to ease the major transition into parenthood. Research has shown that tactile stimulation continued after birth helps in the growth and development of the infant, speeds myelination of the nervous system, promotes weight gain, reduces stress, and decreases infant colic. Baby massage improves the bonding process and enhances a parent's feeling of well being.


  • •Bonding becomes stronger as love is exchanged and communicated through touch
  • •BPromotes confidence in parenting
  • •Alleviates colic and gas
  • •Promotes better sleeping patterns
  • •Enhances father-infant interaction
  • •Reduces stress between infant and parent
  • •Establishes a positive parent-child relationship
As a stay-at-home mom, baby massage class was a wonderful opportunity for me to get together with other moms to socialize and discuss relevant childcare or family life issues. I looked forward to Friday mornings all week because on most weeks that was the only “time-off” I could get. Sarah enjoyed the classes as well. She always took better naps on Fridays and the massages I did at home helped when she was gassy and calmed her when she was overtired or over stimulated.
— Laurie M
After the massage, my baby Harriet would fall asleep on the carpet while I packed up...she never did that at home. I felt refreshed having been with other adults. Evelyn has a great sense of humor and that creates a friendly atmosphere for everyone; you feel like old friends
— Denise C