Birth After Cesarean Class

Have you had a cesarean birth unplanned or planned?
Was it emotionally difficult?
Has it affected your self-esteem?
Are you mourning and grieving the loss of your vaginal birth?
Are you still experiencing feelings of fear and anxiety about your cesarean?
Do you wonder what your options are for your next birth?


With the cesarean rate at an all time high of 31.8% in the US, and knowing the devastating impact a cesarean birth can have on a woman's emotional well-being, we have developed this 5-Week class that will provide validation, support and education to help women who gave birth by cesarean come to terms with their experience, find peace, and deal with fears surrounding future pregnancies and births. You are not alone.

There are many women who experience breastfeeding difficulties and postpartum depression as a result of their cesarean. Many women's feelings surrounding their cesarean birth are not validated or addressed by anyone in the medical community or even by their family or friends, and these women are left wondering how to deal with these feelings and emotions on their own

Class Topics:

Week 1 -"Telling Your Story"

Week 2 -"Processing the Birth"

Week 3 -"Making an Informed Decision: VBAC Journey or Elective Repeat Cesarean?"

Week 4 -"Following Footsteps...Hearing how other women made decisions"

Week 5 -"Reaffirming the Future - Building Confidence in Your Decision"