HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education Class Outline

UNIT I Discovering and embracing HypnoBirthing® for easier, more comfortable birthing

• The philosophy of HypnoBirthing®
• Background of HypnoBirthing®
• Exploding the myth of pain in labor - Uterine surges/waves - muscle response
• What's wrong with labor - Why it hurts; why it doesn't have to
• The origin of a pain concept that is no longer valid -- a look at other cultures
• How fear affects the length and discomfort of labor
• Introduction to principles of hypnosis and self-hypnosis for birthing
• How the mind determines the body's response - class exercises
• Films of HypnoBirthing® labor and birth 

UNIT II Prenatal Bonding -- Preparing Your Mind and Body for Birthing

• Film of HypnoBirthing®
• Prenatal bonding - discussion and exercises
• A Mother's Conversation with Her Unborn Child
• A Father's Script
• Rainbow Relaxation tape and script
• Breathing for labor: Sleep Breathing, Slow Breathing, Birth Breathing
• Rapid progressive relaxation/deepening techniques for labor
• Visualizations for labor

UNIT III Getting ready to welcome your baby

• Film/testimonials of HypnoBirthing®
• Stretching inner thigh muscles
• The nutrition your body and baby need
• Avoiding episiotomy - perineal massage - favorable labor positions
• Light touch massage
• Preparing your birth plan
• Daddy's promise
• Making hospital, home, or birthing center plans
• Looking at your estimated due date
• How to achieve a natural onset of labor, free of drugs or intervention

UNIT IV Understanding the simplicity of the birthing miracle

• Film/testimonials of HypnoBirthing®
• How your body works with you and for you
• Settling in at the hospital
• The two phases of labor - opening/thinning and birthing
• Special circumstances
• Early signals and hallmarks of labor
• The birthing companion's integral role in labor - prompt sheet
• How labor proceeds
• Releasing limiting emotions and fears

UNIT V Birthing -- Breathing love; bringing life

• Film/testimonials of HypnoBirthing®
• Comfort measures through labor
• Meeting a slowed or stalled labor
• Birth breathing for smooth birthing - Breathing your baby down to birth (review)
• Meeting, feeding, and bonding with baby - birthing of the placenta
• The fourth trimester