Pre/Early Pregnancy Consultation

Pre/Early Pregnancy Consultation will help you to articulate your needs and explore all options for the best birth experience as you see it. This private consultation examines all pregnancy and birth options including, but not limited to: Provider: doctor or midwife, Place of Birth: home or hospital, philosophy of childbirth education that best matches your style, use of a doula, and even breast or bottle feeding. 

You’re not making informed choices until you’ve seen all the options! 

What's the difference between Hospital Childbirth Classes and Independent Childbirth Classes? 

Independent Childbirth Classes tend to offer more unbiased information so you can make better informed choices about your care. Classes are taught in a way that you will learn all options available to help you have the best birth as YOU see it. Independent childbirth educators usually create their own curriculum to include more variety of options as well as the risks and benefits of procedures. Independent classes also tend to be smaller in size and provide a more individualized experience. 

Hospital and Physician sponsored classes tend to familiarize parents to routine procedures and typical birthing practices for that institution or practice as well as what is expected from patients. Childbirth educators are usually required to teach from someone else's curriculum. Classes are typically quite large. 

Your Birth Connection's Prepared Childbirth Class contains unbiased up-to-date evidence based information so you can make informed decisions regarding care you receive before during and following your baby's birth. You can and should be an active participant in the process.