Prepared Childbirth Classes

Our six-week course will provide you and your partner with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure confidence on the "birth" day and the early days beyond. 

Topics include:

  • • Normalcy in pregnancy and it's many variations

  • • Benefits of breathing and relaxation

  • • Interventions and medications

  • • Importance of a birth plan

  • • Labor support techniques

  • • Birth films

  • • Labor and delivery tour at EMMC

  • • Cesarean birth preparation

  • • Postpartum life

  • • Breastfeeding*

*Although we are in support of breastfeeding and believe it is the very best for all babies; we understand that some women have valid reasons not to.  Because of that, we have designed the sixth class exclusively for breastfeeding instruction. Women who desire to breastfeed and those who are undecided are encouraged to attend. 

It is our hope that in addition to gaining the knowledge necessary for birth in this technological world, women and their partners will become empowered to trust the ancient process of birth and rely on their primal instincts to guide the mind, body, and soul through the amazing journey of pregnancy and birth. 
Birth is truly a rite of passage. 

What's the difference between Hospital Childbirth Classes and Independent Childbirth Classes? 

Independent Childbirth Classes tend to offer more unbiased information so you can make better informed choices about your care. Classes are taught in a way that you will learn all options available to help you have the best birth as YOU see it. Independent childbirth educators usually create their own curriculum to include more variety of options as well as the risks and benefits of procedures. Independent classes also tend to be smaller in size and provide a more individualized experience. 

Hospital and Physician sponsored classes tend to familiarize parents to routine procedures and typical birthing practices for that institution or practice as well as what is expected from patients. Childbirth educators are usually required to teach from someone else's curriculum. Classes are typically quite large. 

Your Birth Connection's Prepared Childbirth Class contains unbiased up-to-date evidence based information so you can make informed decisions regarding care you receive before during and following your baby's birth. You can and should be an active participant in the process. 



  • January 7 – February 4

  • March 4 – April 1

  • May 6 – June 10

  • July 8 - August 5

  • September 9 – October 7

  • November 4 - December 2



  • January 2 – January 30

  • March 6 – April 3

  • April 17 – May 15

  • July 10 – August 7

  • September 4 – October 2

  • November 6 – December 4